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Are you serious about trading?

You are entering a dynamic network of people who enjoy trading, sharing, & interacting with genuine people who share a very common interest...

We ask that you complete a Prospective Member Questionnaire, so we can get a feel for who may be trading with us.

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We share our knowledge.  We learn from each other.

If you decide to join FNL, you'll have access to our Member Resources which range from help guides to Trading tips.  You'll also be a part of our Trading Room where we collaborate, chat and share ideas.  We are in our room almost 24 hours a day so you'll get to know our members and find tons of support, laughs, and knowledge on all kinds of subjects!  You'll also have the opportunity for friendly trading competitions which helps us all with our trading!  We have a lot of fun and as you can imagine, we are a family and will welcome you to come join us!

Here are some snippets from our Trader Creator video library. You will have full access to the entire library once you become an FNL member.

 We have a large range of experienced traders as well as TOTAL newbies!  No matter where you are in your trading career, we have your peers!

What is PSR?


Channel Trading


Trading Basics

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Come be a part of our FNL family!

Member Reviews

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The trading room is where all the fun takes place:

5:30 am - 12 Midnight Eastern Standard Time

Monday through Friday.  

Visitors Beware! 

Enter at your own risk!! 

(It is safe to watch trading, but trading involves risk! Have we mentioned that to you?)





When can I be ready to trade with live money?


Beginners Optimal Live Track (BOLT)


    • 250 Total Trades (Playbacks and Simulated Live Trades)
      • More is Better!
    • 200 Playback trades
    • 50 Simulated Live Trades
    • Achieve minimum 50% Win Rate with proper Risk Management
      • Results will vary based on your decision-making and the number of trades you’re taking
      • Our goal is for you to trade at 50%-60% or better
    • Trade Tracking
      • We recommend you track ALL of your trades in the FNL Track Record.  (Available for download in both Excel and Google Sheets format)

This is just a recommendation from those that have come before you. Practice doesn't make perfect, but practice makes sense. 

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